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Art Explosion
Holiday Show
Dec 10th 12-5pm

The paintings are hung on the walls with care
In hopes that the viewers soon will be there.
There are portraits and still lifes, in vibrant hues,
That catch the eye, and spark the muse.
The artists will be there, to answer your questions,
And share some stories, behind their creations.
The studios will be lively, a sight to behold,
A feast for the eyes, with treasures to hold.
From paintings to sculptures, to photography and more
Come be inspired and ready to explore.
The art will be stunning, and varied in style,
So stop on by and get lost for awhile.
It can be a day of wonder and lots of fun too,
A perfect way, to start the season anew.

Sunday December 10th from 12pm-5pm.

Two Locations:

2425 17th St
744 Alabama St

Free Admission

Participating Artists:

Geoff Wolfe, Kelly Inouye, Terri S Wolfe, Elena Zolotnitsky, Dan Fourrier, Mimi Herrera-Pease, Steven Brock, Ron Poznicek, Nining Muir, Anastasia Faiella, Marion Vail, Vadim Puyandaev, Nadine Defranoux, Stacey Bennis, Ken Hay, Charles Keatts, Debbie Hartung, LUCIA GONNELLA, Josephine Wilhelm, Lynda Hirose, Ellen Rosenthal, Anne Meredith Terpstra, Katerina Connearney, Laurence Srinivasan, Dannielle Sergent, Dennis Tyler, Scott Harris, Doug Comstock, Deborah Roxie Reed, Tim Svenonius, Matt Pipes, Steve Condiotti, Cory Calandra Devereaux, Greg Dunham, Cheryl And Naomi Porro, Brian Hertzog, Jessica Farber, Tomas Nakada, Kundan Baidwan, Abigail Lee Goldberger, Sara Foster, Gael Kanievsky, Michael E Goldman, Cat Butler, Some Lady, Suzanne Baxter, Sarah Smith, Corey Weiner, Purple Finch Couture Fashion, Taura Null, Luiza Maia, Tessa Tapscott, Grant Koniski, Kiera Griffith, Lindsay Casablanca, Claire Lau, Lois Wang, Edric Ivan Soltero, Cameron Bunting, Tess McCarthy, Tripp Baird, Bussie Parker Kehoe, Jean Brodie, Steven Wozniak, Bryn Ruth, SC Altaires, Hannah Macaulay, Emily Phillips, Hollynn Wilcox, Cecilia Lusven, Alessia Pope, Sandra Frantz, Tamara Castilla, Marina Herrera-Pease, Maja Planinac, Irem Sahin, Andrew Pick, Mariela Fernandez, Sharony Ray, Dean Dzuk, Aishlin Harrison, Annie Roach, Shrey Purohit, Russel Kiehn, Janis Rodda, Michael Sullivan, Laura Diggs, Daniel Ricks, Susan R. Kirshenbaum, Daniel Garzi, Katia Pontillo