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Warren Box

Art Explosion Studios
2425 17th St, SF, CA
Studio number: 146

Artist Statement:

Warren Box is a mixed media painter with studios in San Francisco, CA, and the Sierra Foothill community of Applegate, CA. He hails from Starkville, MS, where he immersed himself in the local arts scene from a young age, participating in school and community music programs. During his teenage years, Warren discovered his love for playing the piano and bassoon, a passion he carried through his university years. Eventually, he found himself in the San Francisco Bay Area, working as a freelance musician. In the early 2000s, Warren started exploring painting as an art form. In his artworks, Warren plays with texture and color, incorporating various mediums. He focuses on urban, rural, and abstract themes, aiming to capture the essence of his rural-urban upbringing and lifestyle.

Blackbird Sunny Day