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Dean Dzuk

Art Explosion Studios
2425 17th St, SF, CA
Studio number: 27
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Artist Statement:

Dean Dzuk: Dean is a lifelong creative and artist, who took a detour into the commercial art spaces of Graphic Design, Advertising, and UI/UX, in Atlanta, Dallas, New York City, and the Bay Area. His business travels during this period allowed him to visit and be inspired by an incredible number of art museums, galleries, and artists not just in North America, but all across the globe. Dean is an artist who draws on his lifelong study of art history, sociology, and business, to fashion abstract paintings of both meticulous layering and whimsical freeform creativity. While Dean dresses in mostly blacks & blues, his paintings don’t shy away from any hues, and have been described as bold, colorful, and kinetic. Dean’s studio is housed at Art Explosion, which is home to nearly a hundred artists in the historic Mission District of San Francisco, CA. Copyright © Dean Dzuk | San Francisco | All Rights Reserved | 2019-2023