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Mariela Fernandez

Art Explosion Studios
744 Alabama St, SF ,CA
Studio number: 265
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Artist Statement:

In my creative process, I explore immediacy, light and movement as I search for balance between transparency and color. This is a constant dialog in which texture and color intertwine, overlap and contrast, setting a variety of forms in motion. I develop techniques initiated through spontaneous exploration that culminate in a pattern that can be captured and repeated with a precise fluidity. My work takes inspiration from experiences, images and places. Sometimes the process of remembrance is dominated by a color or a texture. Incandescence, luminosity, chromatic subtlety are words that inform my current approach. In my latest work white is essential, it serves as a foundation from where everything starts and as a final envelope that brings a piece to completion. I think of white as the spatial quality that brings balance to my pieces, while I incorporate iridescence to emphasize a delicate, continuous flow of luminosity.