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Bussie Parker Kehoe

Art Explosion Studios
744 Alabama St, SF ,CA
Studio number: 228
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Artist Statement:

I love to tinker with materials in meticulous and unexpected ways—no material or process is off-limits. While tinkering, I am processing my feelings, thoughts, memories, hopes, life experiences; and my art is the language that I use to communicate with others. Currently, I am exploring with discarded house paint; I pour house paint “peels” and arrange them on paper or wood in a minimalistic, organic, and bold way.  I focus on form and structure first—I intentionally place each paint peel so that it connects to and supports the peels surrounding it, which is directly related to my life experience of moving and searching for those connections and support. I love the lack of control when pouring juxtaposed with the meticulous placement. Chaos and order are inherent in this process.  It reflects life, where you take what life throws at you and try to make sense of it.