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Grace Kennedy Panda

Art Explosion Studios
744 Alabama St, SF ,CA
Studio number: 105
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Artist Statement:

The process of making art creates a space for curiosity and search into the unknown, which can grow synchronized learning. I hope to share the experience of my process with my artworks visual or energetic nature. I make work that is an exploration of myself, others and our environment. I work with abstracting space, bodies, materials, movement, memory, and use direct observation. By seeing or being with artwork, maybe one is able to explore their own inner nature and storytelling. The lines of movement followed, shapes found, colors emerging and colliding are thrilling. Building a visual language to (paint) with becomes a practice that helps communicate the togetherness of the psychic, intellectual, emotional and physical aspects of being. It is a challenge and joy to share my practice. Thank you for being here!

Lola and the Construction