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Taura Null

Art Explosion Studios
744 Alabama St, SF ,CA
Studio number: 261

Artist Statement:

In 2020, when the world changed so dramatically, art was my salve and my sanctuary. I found myself abandoning the representational oil paintings and charcoal drawings I had made for decades, and instead picking up acrylics for their playful colors and a palette knife for its rejection of precision. I began a new process that resulted in mountainscapes. Again and again, mountainscapes. These sacred landscapes call to me. Their unique silhouettes. The negative space they carve out of the sky. The darkness resting beneath the light. The earth stretching toward the infinite, and yet remaining solidly here, now. I find inspiration looking up and out from my life in San Francisco, from excursions in Northern California, from photos friends send me of their favorite mountainscapes, and from images I find in travel magazines. And from these inspirations, I lay the colors down in thick paint, and carve out the shapes, revealing the form beneath.

Sun Valley, Green, 2021