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Ni Pan

Art Explosion Studios
744 Alabama St, SF ,CA
Studio number: 233
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Artist Statement:

Painting relies on illusion and exists in the realm of memory and the subconsciousness. I am drawn to landscapes and structures that evoke feelings of loss, desire, and fear. I take photographs of places that are worn, broken, boarded up or abandoned. These photographs are the starting place for my painting process. I’m interested in making dark paintings because I believe that less information and darkness will leave more space for imagination. In making these paintings, I hope to create a mysterious, infinite space, inspired by narratives of suspense. “Someone is Behind You,” was the first suspense book I read when I was a teenager, which sparked my obsession with mystery and psychology, and the feeling of danger and unpredictable moments have haunted me since. My paintings are devoid of figures, and I hope that the viewer will enter and inhabit them, bringing their own hopes, fears, and memories to the act of looking.