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Michael Goldman

Art Explosion Studios
2425 17th St, SF, CA
Studio number: 22
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Artist Statement:

Part craftsman, part entertainer and part teacher, my job as an artist is varied. I observe and question the various environments around me, natural, built or culturally. This happens while walking in the city or nature and reading or watching the news. I then, create art that responds to what I have absorbed. Perhaps, my interpretation may benefit someone else? I use industrial materials, objects and graphics as the media for my work as they are easily approached by the viewer. Like mass produced objects, my pieces have clean lines, durability and an economic use of resources. Each piece must uphold strict standards. It must grab the viewer’s attention, make them smile and after some contemplation, change their point of view. These are very big expectations to put on artworks but, I have a responsibility to be diligent.

Barricade Into 2 Benches Transformation