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Michael E Goldman

Art Explosion Studios
2425 17th St, SF, CA
Studio number: 8
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Artist Statement:

Born in Rochester, NY . Live in San Francisco. Educated in photography, studio art & architecture. Show my work in galleries, online and outdoor installations. ARTIST STATEMENT: I observe and question the environments around me, natural, built or cultural. I then, create works incorporating sculpture and graphics that respond to what I have absorbed. Perhaps, my interpretation may benefit someone? The media for my work are industrial materials, found objects and bold graphics all common and familiar to the viewer. Whenever possible my pieces are installed outdoors in order to reach a larger audience. Pieces must uphold strict standards: grab the viewer’s attention, make them smile and after some contemplation, change their perspective. These are big expectations to put on artworks but, I have to be diligent.

Barricade Into 2 Benches Transformation