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Kundan Baidwan

Art Explosion Studios
2425 17th St, SF, CA
Studio number: 24
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Artist Statement:

I examine our environment as a complex matrix of overlapping systems – the organic and the conceived – imagined it from the most basic unit, a dot. A single point that expands on a cadence. Each painting is an extended meditation on the intersections of the structure we impose on the indeterminate and amorphous, finding a moment of respite in the rhythm of the chance patterns and the negative space. I juxtapose quick, gestural, scraped under layers with voluptuous dots methodically and individually iterated. Certain configurations have a level of premeditation, while others arrive more fortuitously, but each piece is approached with a sense of finesse and discrimination. I create a visual plain that vacillates between the personal and universal, structure and formlessness. Creating paintings that both engage and mesmerize, eliciting a physiological response as we try to apply a coherent system of meaning.