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Pablo Calderon

Art Explosion Studios
2425 17th St, SF, CA
Studio number: 3B

Artist Statement:

Pablo Calderon (b. 1952, El Salvador) exemplifies the heroic artist’s attitude toward life and method. His art-making is bold, masterfully painting in grand scale, combining saturated hues in broad strokes, exploring color and its possibilities. His paintings of wide-eyed, curly haired muñecas (or "dolls") are imbued with a kind of ambiguity that invites speculation. He treats another of his favorite subjects, vehicles, playfully, with vivid, elegant depictions of bicycles and large, bird’s­ eye views of trucks flattened out into map-­like abstractions. After moving to the US in his late thirties, Calderon joined the Creativity Explored studio in 2002, and has exhibited his artwork nationally and internationally (See below). CB2 selected Calderon’s paintings in designs for a limited edition rug and a pillow.