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Anne Meredith Terpstra

Art Explosion Studios
2425 17th St, SF, CA
Studio number: 182/183
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Artist Statement:

CYANOTYPES The cyanotypes combine a spontaneous, and highly process oriented way of working as a printmaker with one of the oldest photographic processes. This work seeks to break down common methods the viewer uses to categorize images and is influenced by decisions that are unconscious, intuitive, and associative in approach. The results are fragmentary combinations that exert a kind of psychological pressure. The blueprints are provocative in their rejection of the closed form and a determined retention of mystery. The use of double exposure and divergent imagery speaks to the transient and subjective nature of both time and memory. The blueprints obscure the image and the boundaries of artistic medium, and in so doing ask the viewer to suspend the need to label and compartmentalize the image and the process of creating.