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Mary Lou Hanley

Art Explosion Studios
744 Alabama St, SF ,CA
Studio number: 245

Artist Statement:

I have been weaving for about 15 years, not including the time I spent making potholders as a child! I learned to weave in New Mexico - what better place to learn than where the weaving tradition is centuries old. I started with rugs on a walking loom and now work on my manual floor loom in my studio. I very much like the tradition of weaving on a manual loom and will never go to a computer-assisted loom. I love the whole process - choosing the yarns, hand dying yarns, putting colors together, the actual weaving, finishing - and even the tedious task of warping! And of course the weaving community is one of sharing, helping and friendship. As I sit at my loom I face a wall of yarn, and my mind always takes me to the next project. I do all my own weaving, and believe the finish work is as important as the weaving itself. Occasionally I will leave a fringed end, if the yarn allows it, but generally the fringe is hand-braided. Creating handwoven fashion accessories and household items is inspiration in itself, but ideas for color combinations and items come from everywhere. I have exhibited at a number of county fairs and have taken blue, red and white ribbons for my work.

Handwoven Chenille Shawl