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Jean Brodie

Art Explosion Studios
744 Alabama St, SF ,CA
Studio number: 210
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Artist Statement:

Artist Statement, 2021 Jean Brodie Transitioning in life and art… My 2019 move from the foothills of Colorado to the city San Francisco has influenced the making of my art. At this moment in time I know this about what I create: It is mostly non-objective. It is evolving. It is made of acrylic and collage with lots of layers. It uses shape, color, value and texture to captivate the eye and mind. It is a human endeavor that in big and small ways reflects life. I’ve always liked images. Like a good piece of music, they just keep playing on in my mind. As a painter, this affinity for images has mixed with a fascination of putting down paint—a wedding of picture and surface. The paint surface has been as important to me as the subject and arrangement of shapes. The brushing, scraping, and layering are meant to hold your eye as if looking into a tide pool, or at the marbled surface of stone.

Imprint with Red, 32x16