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Narayana Montúfar

Art Explosion Studios
744 Alabama St, SF ,CA
Studio number: 115
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Artist Statement:

I was exposed to art from an early age, but I never thought it was something I would be interested in pursuing. After a few years of deep soul-searching in the city of San Francisco, I realized that, in my life, all the signs kept pointing me in a creative direction. As a painter, astrologer, and Reiki practitioner, I travel through the depths and meanings of the cosmos through abstract painting. I am inspired by the sacred language of energy where I find myself endlessly exploring color and composition. As I channel the feeling of what is happening in the sky at certain times, I explore the different palettes, shapes, and textures that transport me to the core meaning of my study. In my process, I visualize how the energy of signs, planets, or aspects translates onto the canvas. And of course, like any good self-taught artist, I realize that, the deeper I dive into this mysterious realm, the greater is my desire to expressively manifest the tactile version of our non-tangible reality.

Sixties Nostalgia