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Marie-Jose Njoku-Obi

Art Explosion Studios
2425 17th St, SF, CA
Studio number: 161

Artist Statement:

My artwork analyzes, but doesnt reveal, the most interior parts of life. This effect is accomplished by juxtaposing surreal elements with items that hold metaphorical value. My pieces are a result of a personal, intimate journey towards good mental health. Though the work is an outward expression of internal musings, the lack of definition - and sometimes titles - allows the viewer to be invited into a conversation about the meaning and purpose of each peace. I am mostly influenced by pop surrealism, and thankfully living in a major art city like San Francisco grants me no shortage of visuals to draw ideas from. However, inspiration comes spontaneously and as a result, so does the process for each project. Many pieces span several mediums and styles and incorporate layering of paints, inks, and specialty paper; this is a way to convey a complex range of emotions or ideas, as well as create works that are more dimensional.