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Blake Tucker

Art Explosion Studios

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Artist Statement:

My eye is strongly influenced by cinema. I learned how to improve visual storytelling by using camera composition to direct the eye and by using color to influence emotions. I try to do the same in my photographs. Whether it's micro or macro, composition is key. As for my subjects, I like to test my own sense of scale, sometimes by making the smallest detail very large, or by focusing so tightly on something that it becomes its own image and is not immediately recognizable. I often find myself lying on floors, climbing into strange places or putting my camera on the ground and walking away just to see from a different perspective. Juxtapositions also intrigue me. I like to focus on common objects in the foreground while framing something monolithic or iconic in the background. But sometimes I find I just want to explore saturation and contrast; to discover the vitality of the photo. I keep my camera with me at all times---something new always awaits: something previously unseen, either a moment or detail or entire world that I would've walked by and never noticed. There's no better magic than developing your photos and discovering something new, beautiful and transformative to your point of view. I've been lucky to have my work called dynamic, cinematic and luminous.

Tribute to Tom of Finland