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Kim Jensen

Art Explosion Studios
744 Alabama St, SF ,CA
Studio number: 383/384

Artist Statement:

Kim Jensen is a mosaic artist and educator living and working in San Francisco. She has a degree in sculpture from San Francisco State University where she also received her teaching credential. She has been teaching art in San Francisco arts charter schools since 2006. Her artwork has been featured in several shows in the Mission, Financial district and in the East Bay. She has created indoor and outdoor tile installations throughout California. Kim dabbles in a little bit of everything but her favorite medium is mosaics. She began working in this medium since she was just a junior in high school. Immediately inspired by a mosaic book she found in a store, Kim began teaching herself the art form in her bedroom. Over the years Kim perfected her technique through trial and error. Mosaics are the perfect combination of her interests, collecting, sculpture, and shiny objects.

Desert Sunset Backsplash